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After 40 years in the business I had pretty much decided that one Direct Mail Marketing company was not much different from another.

I'm happy, and a bit more prosperous thank you, to find that wasn't the case with Marketing in Motion. When they were describing their process of qualifying our mailing list I thought, yeah sure. Fortunately I decided to allow them to run their process and test the results.

We were sending out 80,000 tabs a month and getting a reasonable response. What we felt we were losing was the personalization of our store and being able to take advantage of local energy programs that couldn't be incorporated into National ads.

We dropped our circulation at first to 10,000 a month and later to 7,000. AND we actually got better results advertising the products WE wanted to sell at the prices at which WE wanted to sell.

It didn't take a lot of time to get started and didn't cost me a dime to have my mailing list completely updated. So yeah, I'd recommend it to anyone who thinks direct mail might work for them and probably a few who think it wouldn't.

Larry Snider
Hamiltons Appliance

I just wanted to thank you for the great service and results on our last 2 direct mail campaigns. You delivered over 1000 attendees to one private letter event, this is by far the most ever, even in this down market. You were on time, printed our price tags and letters very competitively but most of all you delivered results! It is great to work with you and we look forward to future events.

Carl L. Humphries
West Coast Appliance

Much has changed in the Appliance Industry since our store opened in 1945. Of course technology has changed tremendously but so has the world of retail. With the big box stores now offering appliances, it has become very competitive for us independent retailers. As you know it is much more difficult for us to reach new customers. I would like to thank you and your staff for your dedication and attention to detail.
Please know I appreciate your marketing expertise and the extra effort you put into each project.

Terry Alvord
Carmona's Appliance Center

I have dealt with Marketing in Motion for several years. They are very courteous and professional. They know their business and are willing to share their expertise with each mailing I do. When I am unsure of what to do I rely on them to choose the right direct mail piece, numbers to mail and time frame. My mailings are usually not huge in quantity and Marketing in Motion still goes that extra mile. I am truly grateful to have a direct mail company who looks out for me, is willing to listen to my concerns and needs; and treats me like I am their only customer. Mark Beck
To all of you at Marketing in Motion, I want to thank you for helping me grow my business and for keeping me focused.

Mark Beck
Beck's Home Furnishings

I want to thank you for all your help in promoting our business and bringing in new customers. I have had great results working with you and your team. I know all I need to do is call, and you will immediately start working on another great direct mail piece. I am amazed at your ability to study our market and determine the best areas to target our mail. You not only took the time to understand my market but you accurately targeted areas that gave us great results. I know I can trust your guidance and expertise.

Russ Clark
Contra Costa Appliance and Kitchen Center