WebShopper Online Coupons deliver new customers and site-to-store sales. The WebShopper Online Coupon Program offers retailers a cost-effective way to capture e-commerce site-to-store sales with popular, user-friendly coupons. WebShopper is easy to install, easy to manage, and can be integrated with other store management systems. By using WebShopper, retailers can:

• Convert a static site into an e-commerce tool
• Convert site visitors to sales prospects
• Convert leads to trackable in-store sales
• And convert advertising and marketing expenditures into accountable investments.

To see the user side of WebShopper in action, click the laptop above.

Customer Ease-Of-Use

WebShopper gives customers Special Internet Coupons Before They Shop with a simple, easy to use coupon selection interface.

Why WebShopper Works

Customer Friendly
Installed as the home page of a retailer’s website, WebShopper merchandises attention-grabbing offers for customers to browse. The customer then selects one or multiple coupons. And after providing their name and email, the coupons are sent to the customer’s email account. The customer simply prints the coupon and takes it to the store for redemption.
Dashboard Control
WebShopper is a database-driven website program with a comprehensive, yet simple retail management interface. The WebShopper Dashboard is a browser-based interface that gives the retailer complete control over:

• Retail User Management
• Coupon Management
• Prospect Management

Also, the Dashboard offers a number of site analytics and reporting to include:

• Overall Status of Coupons Issued
• Coupon Conversions
• Customer Conversions
• Site Visits
• Coupon Downloads
• Coupons Sold

Marketing Support

Web initiatives must be supported by marketing and advertising efforts to promote awareness and generate site traffic. So, WebShopper offers retailers a complete package of marketing support to include print ads, TV spots, radio spots, direct mail, broadcast emails and Internet banner ads.

Technical Support

WebShopper is a full-service web deployment program that includes a WebShopper development and support team that will design, modify, install, train, launch and continually support the management of the program.