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Why Mail with Marketing in Motion?

Direct mail has been the primary focus of Marketing in Motion since the company was founded. We are passionate about the services we provide and our growing popularity in the market place. We are fortunate to have the support of many retailers throughout the nation and pride ourselves on the number of clients who regularly recommend and refer us.

Listed below are a few items that we believe set us apart from others who provide similar services.

• Market Analysis – We have a unique approach to helping clients find geographic areas of potential customers to prospect from. Using a retailers in-house customer list we are able to identify geographic segments where a retailer would have a high probability of attracting additional customers.

• Track and Trace – Track and Trace is a tracking software that we use to track the delivery of direct mail. Intelligent mail barcodes are printed on each piece of mail allowing us to track the mail through the delivery process. Similar to UPS tracking numbers we can accurately inform our clients when their mail pieces were scanned for delivery by the United States Postal Service. This crucial information is reported to our clients informing them how many pieces have or will be delivered. Management is then able prepare and anticipate responses from specific geographic areas.

• SCF Shipments – To gain better control of delivery, Marketing in Motion uses freight companies to transport mail from the printing and mailing facilities to the postal sorting facility that is closest to our client’s location. This helps regulate the day the mail will actually enter the mail stream and be delivered.

• List Maintenance and Cleaning – Each customer list is cleaned using CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) and DPV (Delivery Point Validation) certified software. This service verifies accurate and valid mailing address. The lists are also analyzed using move update software and the US Postal Service’s NCOA (National Change of Address) database to identify customers who have moved in the last 48 months. Marketing in Motion has invested in industry leading software allowing us to perform all levels of customer list cleaning in-house. We recognize the trust and confidence that our customers place in us when releasing their customer lists into our possession. We feel strongly that these lists should be handled by as few people as possible.

• Delivery Rate – The industry average for standard mail delivery is approximately 91%. Because of our extensive cleansing process and ability to track mail delivery rates Marketing in Motion has archived a documented delivery rate of better than 99%.

• Custom Design – Marketing in Motion will design and customize each direct mail project around the individual needs of each client. Although we may have numerous formats that have proven to be successful, we are extremely flexible in making the appropriate changes to ensure the optimal outcome for each of our clients.

• Premium Printing – Marketing in Motion has partnered with printers who provide excellent print quality and offer premium paper stocks. We believe that the texture and feel of the paper is important in the overall experience that customers have when opening and reading mail.

• Price Tags – All clients are offered custom printed price tags at no additional charge. These tags match the look and feel of the event. We know the success of the events increase when the store is properly priced and merchandised. Custom tags help inform the consumers that the store has been repriced just for the event.

• CO-OP Billing – Many clients struggle with preparing and submitting co-op statements. If requested, Marketing in Motion will prepare these important documents and submit them to the appropriate manufactures at no additional charge.

MIM will work closely with you to define measurable goals and develop a clear plan tied directly to your bottom line. We help you get the right message to the right audience at the right time with the maximum impact and style.

Personalized Service
We offer all the convenience and savings of a large mailing service with the personalized detail service of a boutique. We treat each customer — no matter how small or large — as our most important customer.

One-stop shopping is always the best way to do business. Marketing in Motion (MIM) will facilitate the design, printing and mailing. No more coordinating between two or three different vendors. We take care of everything.

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