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Use Variable Data Printing to Personalize Your Mailings.

What is variable data? - It is the process of utilizing mail-merge technology to insert information from your database or mailing list into the content of your mail piece.

A typical mass mailing or bulk mailing is known as a "static" mailing. In other words everybody on your mailing list gets exactly the same mail piece. However, with variable data printing technology, it's possible to personalize each piece directly to the recipient.

Personalization creates the effect of speaking directly to the person.
Let’s face it — wouldn't you prefer to be addressed by your name and not “Current Resident” or “Dear Sir or Madam”? If you answered yes you are not alone - studies show that almost 70% of people prefer personalized direct mail over standard “static” direct mail.

Additionally, the study showed that personalization increased response rates by as much as 30%. Is using variable data to personalize a mailing expensive? — Not really, particularly when you consider the increase in response often more than offsets the additional costs.

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